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Meals and Deals
The town of El Valle has quite a few little restaurants where one can grab a bite. These are rather humble and better complete meals are attainable at a couple of hotels, as are some nice restaurants in the near outskirts to El Valle which offer local and international cuisine.

Park Eden / Bed and Breakfast - Country Retreat, most probably offers the highest quality and heartiest food, being their owners very american orientated and personally supervise the quality and freshness of the meals.

Meals other than breakfast are only offered as part of Special  Packages.
The excellent multicourse PanAmerican Royal Breakfast, are offered only the registered guests.

Restaurants  in  El  Valle:   There is a decent option in just about every price range from the modest to the gourmet class.

Rincon Vallero: in the same street at a walking distance of Park Eden.  Good food, Panamanian and international dishes.

Casa de Lourdes:
The restaurant has a wonderful ambience not to mention fantastic food and wines.  Main dish run from US$ 15.00 – US$ 25.00.

Restaurant Santa Librada:Avenida Central, (7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily) is a favorite place for simple Panamanian food at good prices. 

Pinocchio:Other items on the menu include lasagna, pastas, chicken, pork chops, burgers, tacos, national beers, shakes and fruit juices.

Brucchetta:Central in front of the Church.  Brucchettas are the speciallity, tacos, pastas, hamburgers, chicken, fish, pork chops,  shakes, fruit juices and local beers.

Restaurant Mar de Plata :Simple eatery that offers some Peruvian food, comida criolla (Panamanian dishes) seafood, fruit juices and shakes. 

Restaurant Don Pepe : Simple but clean.  Main dish of  meat, chicken, fish and seafood, for US$ 6.00-US$12.00.

Bambucillo: Avenida Central. Good Vegetarian food.



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