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Seasons and Climate
Located but 75 miles from the city capital of Panama, is "El Valle de Antón" (named in honor of the spanish river explorer Antón Martín). El Valle is seated in the crater of an extinct pre-historic volcano, with an altitude of some 2,500 feet.

Although Panama has basically only two seasons (rainy and dry), El Valle casts a somewhat similar climate year-round. Due to its unique site, temperatures fluctuate between 78° F and 68° F...The coolest, enjoyed during daybreak as well as dusk, year round. December, January, February and March are the highlight months of the year, being the best of the dry season, the very coolest accompanied by very nice breezes. Nights can get quite nippy during these months. Some homes have chimneys where family and friends gather, enjoying chatting and drinking hot chocolate or tea.

Enjoyed all year round, El Valle is blessed by "Bajareque"... a delightfully soft mist of minute rain droppings, that not only favor a cooler climate, contribute to greener vegetation but gives one a refreshing feeling enjoyed outdoors. Be it any month of the year, El Valle is always enjoyable, being clear, green and pleasantly cool.


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