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PARK EDEN Bed and Breakfast - Country Retreat is a truly beautiful, cozy and romantic getaway for those in quest of nature’s beauty with First Class Lodging comfort. This family-run Bed & Breakfast  features eight lovely well decorated, comfortable accommodations, amidst  two acres of lovely lush green gardens home to several centuries old trees, to over a hundred species of beautiful birds, a Birdwatcher’s  Paradise. 

PARK EDEN   Bed & Breakfast  is your home away from home. Located in El Valle de Anton, Panama, nestled in the crater of an extinct pre-historic volcano that exploded 5 million years ago, creating one of the largest craters of the world, with a diameter of 5 km.  Seated at an altitude of some 2,500 ft., El Valle is a beautiful and picturesque mountain country-site town with peaceful environment, exuberant, colorful vegetation and wildlife. Offers excellent Bird Watching experience, Eco-tourism, local hiking, hill climbing and mountain biking, ecological and canopy tours, and a colorful Sunday market.

El Valle is one of Panama's best areas for Bird Watching where actually birders are few and birds abound. Enjoy an early morning of Birding on the trail that goes along the ridge of the protected area of Cerro Gaital Natural Monument, which is 3,300 ft. (900m) above sea level. El Valle  has nice climate, fluctuating between 68F & 78F year-round and is 2 hr. drive from Panama City and 40 minutes from the beaches. Once in El Valle, well designed signs will  guide you to PARK EDEN Bed and Breakfast -  cozy Lodge with comfortable accommodations,  where you will be personally welcomed by your hosts Lionel and Monica Alemán Toledano, whom speak fluent English & Spanish.





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